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Discover the Presenters and Chairpersons bios, the abstracts of the talks and the project sisters as well as the VICTORIA publications in the Programme and Abstract Booklet.

Registration to the VICTORIA final conference closed on Thursday, November 12th end of the day to allow sufficient time for sending the access information to registered participants. We reached 175 registered participants and we thank you all for your support in promoting the event!

The presentations can be found on the Final Conference Section of the website.

VICTORIA Final Conference is Postponed!

New dates should be known withing the coming weeks.

The European funded Security Project VICTORIA in association with the City of Nice in France is organising its Final International Conference on 27 and 28 April 2020 hosted by the City of Nice in the South of France.

The two-day Final Conference will be an opportunity for the VICTORIA consortium to present to up to 150 officials, LEAs and Developers the project’s outputs after three years of intensive research and development. Conference highlight will be the live demonstration of the VICTORIA open and flexible Video Analysis Platform (VAP), with LEA representatives sharing insights into their experiences while working with the tool during the field trials at their premises.

Parallel to the programme and exhibition, registration-based sessions will be organised to showcase the VAP to small groups of LEAs.

A visit to the “Smart City Showroom” and the “City Urban Supervision Centre” will be organised too by a representative of the City of Nice.
For information, the Urban Supervision Centre of the City of Nice is the first video protection complex in France. More than 3,200 cameras are deployed throughout the city, operated from this Centre which is located in the heart of Nice. It is composed of 3 control rooms equipped with a total of 90 screens and a command room allowing about a hundred agents to take turns 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in order to carry out various missions such as the management of public events, the protection of schools and nurseries, transport security, etc...

Free registration at

In the context of the Video-Analysis-For-Investigation (VAFI) Community, we have set up a newsletter which aims to keep you informed of the latest information on video analysis for investigation.

The newsletter covers press items as well as the latest publications and patents in the field. It also gives you some highlights of the VICTORIA project progress and its upcoming International Conference.
Please do not hesitate to have a look at it.

Feel free also to request access to the VAFI Community by completing our contact form at

As a law enforcement interested in tools which could assist you in your daily video investigation tasks, you are invited to request access to the VAFI community before being granted access to the marketplace dedicated to the LEAs only. This marketplace represents an one-entry shop showcasing all the relevant tools in support to LEAs’ investigation tasks.

The next newsletter will be posted on this section on Monday 23 March.

The European funded Security Project H2020 VICTORIA in association with the City of Nice in France is organising its Final International Conference. The event will take place in the City of Nice, in the South of France from 27 to 28 April 2020.

During the two-day conference, the VICTORIA consortium will present the project outputs after three years of research and development.
Coordinators of related H2020 security projects will have the opportunity to give insights into their projects and developed tools during a 10 minute talk and at the exhibition space.
The VICTORIA Consortium will also have a dedicated exhibition space and poster session to showcase the project work.
In parallel to the programme and upon registration, guided-tour through the "Smart City Showroom" and the "City Urban Supervision Centre" will be organised as well as different sessions of live demonstration of the VICTORIA Video Analysis Platform (VAP).

To know more about the event, we invite you to read the 1st press release dedicated to the event:

The VICTORIA Consortium is organising its Analytics Contest which registration deadline is Friday 28 February 2020 (New Date!)
Audio/video analysis technology developers/providers/researchers are invited to test and benchmark their algorithms and furthermore to develop the necessary plug-ins for these to communicate with the open Video Analysis Platform (VAP) on VICTORIA datasets.

More info on the Analytics Contest can be found in the following Press Release:


VICTORIA organised its online Video Analytics challenge called VICTORIA Analytics Contest which official started on 2/12/2019 till 28/02/2020. Participants were requested to send their video/audio algorithm, their most innovative analytics challenge and plug-in integration challenge. They will be rewarded at the VICTORIA International Conference with the possibility to present their rewarded functionalities to the audience composed of LEAs and LEAs representatives.

Do you know about the VAFI Community and its Mission Statement?

Exchanges between video investigation experts are needed, whether you are LEAs, end users, suppliers, researchers or developers. VICTORIA therefore proposes the on-line community of video-analysis-for-investigation (VAFI) experts:
·  To communicate on good/best practices;
·  To exchange video data created for testing purposes;
·  To allow suppliers to give their development visibility to an environment  grouping many potential LEAs and End-Users.

To join the VAFI community, please visit the following link:


VICTORIA Video Trailer

The Consortium is very proud to share with you the VICTORIA Video Trailer subtitled in 5 different languages: English / French / Spanish / German and Romanian.

The Victoria project in a nutshell

Please click on the link here after to get a nice overview of the project objectives and expected results:  the VICTORIA general presentation


The VICTORIA Roll-up

Besides the flyers, the partners can also showcase the VICTORIA objectives and expected results during exhibitions and meetings thanks to its roll-up.


The flyer is now available and distributed in all events VICTORIA Partners are attended. Click on the following link to view the document.


The 3 year EU-funded H2020 Security project VICTORIA has been launched on 1st May 2017.

VICTORIA stands for Video Analysis for Investigation of Criminal and TerrORIst Activities.

In April 2020, the project will deliver an ethical and legally compliant video analysis platform prototype along with algorithms developped within the project life.  The tool will aim at accelerating the video analysis tasks of Law Enforcement Agencies.